Windy City Soaring Association is a non-profit organization (club) dedicated to the promotion and enjoyment of soaring (flying sailplanes aka gliders).

The club owns and operates two tow planes and six beautiful club gliders. In addition, many of their members also own their own sailplanes.

The range of member’s flying experience includes aviation beginners, seasoned multi rating instructors, cross country experts, and even a few record holders. Several of our members also participate in competitive flying.

Organized as a working and volunteer club, wherein qualified members serve as ground crew, tow pilots, ride pilots and flight instructors. Members also perform other tasks as necessary for the club to conduct flight operations and social activities. Speaking of social activities, you really don’t want to miss their fall Chili Fest!

P.I.C., Inc., As the Airport Operator, we believe that there is a need in the Chicago area for an airport that can provide accommodations for the upkeep and enjoyment of antique and other unique aircraft that just don’t fit in at most other airports anymore. Zoning is now in place at The Hinckley Airport that will allow owners of those types the opportunity to take part in a cooperative plan that will provide them with such a facility.

There never has, and never will be, a conventional Fixed Base Operation on the field. Over the years it has been proven, however, that enthusiastic aviation professionals and hobbyists who love grass-roots flying can, together, provide a support structure that no modern F.B.O. can match. If you
agree with us and are interested in securing a storage or workshop hanger, we will be happy to provide you with information on how you may join us.

(224) 330-9990

While our grass strip is a great place to spend a day in the country, flying, enjoying a picnic or just relaxing, when visiting please remember these important considerations

  • If you have not been around airplanes or are unfamiliar with anything else you see, please ask for assistance or escort before venturing near the airplanes or anywhere they may be operating.
  • Remember that any aircraft can present hazards to you even when stationary.
  • If children are visiting with you, please keep a close watch on them and do not allow them to roam the airport unescorted. Dogs must be leashed at all times.
  • Always remember that propellers especially can be VERY DANGEROUS and should be avoided by a wide margin even when stopped.
  • You may look all you like but please, do not touch any aircraft or other piece of equipment without the owner’s permission. Most owners and pilots will be more than happy to answer any questions you may have about what they do here or to show you their aircraft or other equipment.